About Us

  1. Twice a week training with Small class size and profession coaches.
Cristeros Soccer Club

Cristeros Soccer Club is a youth soccer development organization focused on the highest level of player development and player experience. Cristeros is working to established a distinct soccer culture in which all players, referees, and coaches play/practice the same way – learning the best skills and enjoying every minute of their practice time. Cristeros SC is developing a track record of producing successful recreational and travel players and coaches.

2. Soccer Class placement is based on individual skill level.

Participate in a fun, non-threatening training environment for kids ages 5–10 years old. We teach kids that soccer can be used for so much more than just scoring goals. All of our sessions will focus on skill development, dribbling, passing, shooting, and tactical game play.

Columbus, Dublin, Powell, Hilliard and Worthington

3. Local classes in/near Columbus, Dublin, Powell, Hilliard and Worthington.

The mission of Cristeros SC is to foster the development of players in a fun environment where all players are treated with respect and can set their goals high. Cristeros SC is about sharing the love for soccer and promoting youth development through the game.

Instead of focusing on training a team for games, we focus inclusively on making each individual child a better player. Summer 2023 practices will be held at Olde Sawmill Park in the months of June, July and August on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Olde Sawmill Park is conveniently located between Dublin, Worthington and Powell.

4. Follow a development path week to week and month to month.

Through this program the player will receive soccer training methodology from our professional staff. This soccer methodology is based on a specific player profile. The main objective is to develop the individual skills through the 6 skills, which are: Dribbling, Passing, Control of the Ball, Shots on Goal, Reception of a pass and Speed. Each skill has its own level of difficulty and can be developed during practices and small-sided games. The development path will follow each player from week to week and month to month based on the level of Difficulty and Level of Knowledge.

technical skills, tactical skills, and then utilize both in small sided games

5. Learn individual technical skills, tactical skills, and then utilize both in small sided games.

Our founder and current Director of Coaching wanted a competitive while relaxed atmosphere focused on the individual. We focus on the ability of the player to control the ball with precision allowing them to make decisions faster than their opponents can react. Helping the kids develop the skills needed to escape pressure and open up space for themselves and their teammates. With this in mind, we have developed a curriculum and training program that focuses on individual technical and tactical skills to ensure that our players have the tools necessary to succeed on the field. This will be followed by small sided games which further develop these new found skills and quicken decision making.

both individual and team based trainings

Unlike other training programs, Cristeros utilizes both individual and small-sided team based trainings. In our philosophy, the best way to learn soccer is through the game itself so we have created an environment where young players can grow as individuals learning new techniques while also progressing within a small team.

Director of Coaching